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Our capabilities

Alonyx offers the following for our clients


Desktop and embedded software development

Variety of languages including Java, C, C++, C#, Javascript

Windows, Mac, QNX, iOS, web and embedded user interfaces 


Analogue and digital electronics design

Schematic capture and PCB layout

Wired communications - RS-232, RS-485, Ethernet, MVB Wireless communications - Bluetooth, Wi-Fi,  Cellular

Sample projects

Many of our clients' projects are commercially sensitive, and we respect and value their need for confidentiality. Below are just some of our recent projects, included with the generous permission of thier respective owners.

Handheld test equipment

Software and electronics development

Alonyx provided software development and electronics design for a handheld test device to power a multi-function railway sensor and enable installers and maintainers to view the outputs of the sensor by the side of the track.

On-train equipment

Software and electronics developmen

Alonyx provided system engineering support, software development and electronics design in the development of a new range of on-train equipment.
Two interconnected units were developed, one for installation in the cab close to all the necessary input and output signals and driver indications, the other under the rear of the vehicle where the system control was required. These were. subjected to EMC and environmental testing then over 120 systems were delivered for installation on a fleet of long distance inter-city trains. In 2019 not only did these systems win the Rail Business Awards in the Technical Innovation Excellence category, but IMI Norgren exhibited the next generation of the system on their stand at Railtex!

Consumer product

Embedded software development

Alonyx developed the software embedded in a stylish self-cleaning fish tank. Adopting our preferred incremental approach saw us start with a commercially available development board, adding temperature sensors, heating control, lighting control, a real-time clock and finally a user interface. The electronics module closely matched the development platform, minimising risk when migrating to the production system, and allowing the software development to be largely completed before the production hardware was ready.

Simulation and modelling

Software development

Alonyx provide the software development for DB ESG Rail's WSPER test rig, a "hardware in the loop" test facility for train braking systems. A Windows PC runs the configuration, control and results analysis applications, whilst a number of PCs running the QNX real-time operating system are used to model the behaviour of a train to the system's control. National Instruments hardware is used to provide the interface to the system under test. A number of development cycles have been undertaken to improve the features offered to match the ever increasing sophistication of on-train equipment.

About us

Some key facts about us:

- Established in the East Midlands in 2013

- Provide clients with access to our software and electronic systems product development expertise

Extensive experience in developing asset condition monitoring and train control products for the rail industry

We love developing software and electronic systems, and look forward to helping you with your project.

We've used Macs, PCs, embedded microcontrollers, all sorts of communications layers from the humble RS-232 and RS-485 serial ports to ethernet, wi-fi, bluetooth, or mobile cellular systems such as GPRS/3G/4G.

The projects have ranged from handheld test and measurement devices for use in intriniscally safe environments to rack based systems hardened against life on-trains and around the railway.


If you've got a project we could help with, or you'd like to find out more, please contact us using the form below.